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Please note that smoking is not permitted in the treatment area. The thermal baths and treatment area are places of peace and relaxation. Out of consideration for other guests, smartphones and cameras may notbe used in the entire thermal baths and spa area.


We offer special treatments for our young guests. A parent or other responsible adult must be present during the massage treatment.


Certain rules apply during this special time. We will advise you personally on appropriate treatments that you can also enjoy during your pregnancy and after giving birth


When booking your treatment, please inform us of any particular medical conditions, such as allergies or injuries, that may influence your choice of treatment.


We have male and female therapists in our team. Please advise us of any preferences when you book your treatment and let us know if you would like to book a specific therapist for your treatment. We will try to accommodate your preferences.


Please wear a swimsuit for the water massage. For all other massage and spa treatments, we recommend that you arrive in your bathrobe for the appointment. During massages and treatments your body will be covered, and only the body part being massaged or treated at any given time will be exposed.


If you have to cancel or change an appointment for personal reasons, please let us know in good time (24 hours in advance); otherwise we will have to charge you 100% of the price of the booked treatment.


Please allow yourself enough time. We recommend that you get to the meeting point ten minutes before your appointment. We try to start all treatments on time. If you are late for your appointment, we will unfortunately have to shorten your treatment accordingly.


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